Advanced Varma & Energy Therapy for Children

For behavioural & sensory & learning issues, generally categorized as autism spectrum.

For behavioral, sensory, cognitive & learning issues, generally categorized as autism spectrum.

Healing energy that auto-adapts

Revolutionary therapy by Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji in which energy can improve and auto-adapt as different aspects of healing unfold during the child’s journey of improvement through varma therapy.

Now, parents are in-charge!

Unique system that empowers parents to take control of the healing process. No one other than the parents can understand the child better. No one else can help the energy understand the child better!

Our phylosophy & guiding principle

In our therapy, rooted in thousands of successful child therapies since 2014, we have come to realize the transformative power of challenging labeling and stereotypes such as autism and Asperger’s syndrome. Through our extensive experience, we have witnessed the profound impact of embracing each child as a unique individual, unlocking their full potential, and nurturing their growth. This learning and understanding have become the cornerstone of our approach, where we celebrate the brilliance of every child and provide personalized support to help them thrive. Join us on this empowering journey of change, where we continue to evolve and pave the way for a more inclusive and compassionate world.

“Embrace the brilliance of every child, beyond labels and stereotypes. Together, let’s nurture their uniqueness and empower them to shine.” – Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji

Varma Therapy
The core of our healing approach

Varmam are vital points in the body that act as energy transformers or batteries. They form centers for boosting the vital prana flow through the intricate nadi system of the body. Varmam Therapy unblocks the dormant nerves in autistic children and allows their brains to function normally. 

  • The parents are given the training to do safe activation of selected varma points that are important to unblock and unlock your child’s potential.
  • This is a practical approach to help in the recovery of the normal physical and psychological functions of autistic children. 
  • Revives brain’s efficiency. Helps all psychological aspects of children much faster than any other therapy currently available.

Why is Varmam used in this therapy?

Varmam is attributed to the great Siddha Saint, Agastya. This spiritual art has been passed down through many generations, and ancient spiritual healers learned and practiced this energy-based healing art, benefiting millions of people. Eventually, it found its way to China through Bodhidharma, where it evolved into Acupuncture/Acupressure.

However, over time, the number of spiritual healers declined, resulting in fewer individuals capable of harnessing the essential component of this healing art – the energy!

As the usage of energy in Varmam science reduces, its effectiveness also diminishes, thereby making this once-great system now appear to be one of the superficial alternative healing methodologies.

Sri Pranaji’s efforts are focused on reintroducing the energy component to the Varmam system, restoring it to its original form. This initiative has been instrumental in addressing issues faced by children for which modern science is still seeking remedies. Varma Energy therapy has enabled thousands of children to overcome mental barriers and unlock their true brain potential. We consider this service as the most significant contribution we can make to humanity.

Energy that auto-adjusts
Parent’s love – energy’s goal

Healers of the autism spectrum are generally faced with multiple challenges. Each child is unique and the root cause of the child’s problem is unique. Let’s take hyperactivity as an example. It can be due to a dormant nerve, heightened sensitivity to a certain food, sensitivity to sound or light, and many hundreds of uncountable problems. How do we tackle each root cause?

Here is where Sri Pranaji’s way of self-learning energy comes into the picture. The energy activation connects the child, the parent, and the energy. Every time the parent sees an unresolved problem, the energy goes to an analysis and correction mode to identify and solve the root cause behind the issue.

This method has already proven to be a game changer in the area of healing by Sri Pranaji, especially in autism therapy. We have observed that the healing accelerates and solves deeper and hidden issues.

Visual aids for healing
Additional support that completes the circle

Even though parents are at the forefront of the healing process, they are not alone. Easy-to-use energy based visual aids in the form of printed cards continue to supplement much-needed support to relax the child, improve the senses and boost the healing. 

Support for parents
Because parents need healing too 

Parents of autistic children go through a lot of stress and sacrifices while helping the child improve. We understand that they need support too. Parents are given an easy-to-use energy based video meditation. This helps them to remove stress and handle the learning process they go through while helping the children. 

Course Structure

Mode: Both online & offline modes are available Duration: 4 hours Medium of instruction: Please see the trainers’ section below

Children need not be physically present during the training

The energy transfer to the children is done through the child’s photograph. Bringing children is optional. As mentioned earlier, this program trains the parents to take control of the healing.


Weekly feedback makes the therapy successful

We will provide you with weekly feedback form to share the progress of the therapy. This feedback provides valuable updates that allows re-adjustment of the energy as required.


Our trainers can provide training worldwide. However, we suggest selecting a trainer near you. We’ve also provided a list of languages our trainers are proficient in.

Vrushali Nadkerni

Lives in Dubai, UAE

Speaks English, Hindi, Marathi & Gujrati

Thineswari Govindasamy

Lives in Kualalumpur, Malaysia

Speaks English, Malay & Tamil


Lives in Chennai, India

Speaks English, Hindi, & Malayalam

Holger Specht
Lives in Heddesheim, Germany

Speaks German & English

Training Schedule

Please refer to the training schedule below and contact the trainers according to the course time that suits you best.

For India – 23rd Sep 2023 (online)

By Jothinanda  – Time: 7 PM to 11 PM IST Register

For rest of the world – 24th Sep 2023 (online)

By Jothinanda  – Time: 1.30 PM to 5.30 PM UTC

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