Autism Free e-Book

Please download here the free ebook on Autism and Varma Therapy – A Parent’s Guide

This pictorial self-help guide has been written to allow parents, children and the wider community to utilise the therapeutic benefits of Varma Therapy. This traditional therapy hails from the ancient Indian Siddha Medical System. It involves the activation, through gentle massage, of certain energetic vital points (varma) found in the body. This massage influences the body’s subtle energetic system and works to restore normal balance and healthy function to the area being treated. The Varma Therapy taught in this book uses specifically selected varma points that, when balanced, restore healthy electrochemical function in the brain and central nervous system of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. This book provides a simple guide to daily Varma Therapy massage techniques. Parents can safely and effectively give this easy to learn, non-invasive, therapy to their child at home. The practical techniques described in this book are highly empowering and effective.

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