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How it works

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How to take the energized water and dosage

  • For the first week, take 500ml 3x a day before meals and on an empty stomach with image
  • Then, during the second week take 350ml 3x a day before meals and on an empty stomach
  • Place the image screen  (phone)on near to a bottle or glass of water (make sure it transparent one)
  • Place for 60 seconds and you can
  • After that you watch the image with eye for 3 minute and say this affirmation
  • “Please heal  cancer in my body without leaving any other disease”(must say this everytime when watch the image)
  • and then drink the water
  • You may go to check your cancer conditions with medical doctors or can take some blood test as per requirement in your country law.
  • Some noticeable effects when taking this energy, which are a temporary effect of the energy.
  • Body pain, muscle pain but it part of the healing crisis and should not be alarmed. If there is very high pain we may help you..please contact us.

“You need to do this before any scheduled therapy by medical professionals as this will not work if you under chemo therapy. We like to advice that you must all time follow your doctors advice all the time as we dont want any legal complications. We do not claim this therapy as “cure” but something you can do while waiting for treatment prosedure from medical personal’


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