Varma & Energy Training for All Age Groups

Our courses preserve authentic ancient knowledge while we optimize and adapt them to suit modern age. Each course is a breakthrough achieved through integration of energy based techniques that make them safe to use.


Our Course Offerings

Varma Energy Therapy

3 levels to become a therapist

The All-Natural Wellness Program that offers a New Dimension in Healing. This program offers wellness professionals an alternative, organic method to help their patients without the use of medication or supplements.

Autism Varma Therapy

2 week classes to become a therapist

Course is open for anyone who deals with ASD – be it therapist, psychologist , ASD care center can benefit from it. This uses the principle of nokku varma using prana (energy). Use of energy makes the therapy safe and effective.

Agni Yoga

15 hours training, for yourself

Learn to regulate body temperature, improve immunity, increase stamina, better weight management and stress reduction. Just 15 hrs of training and once a week of follow up to prepare you to face the changing world!

Manokalpa – Science of healthy mind

1 day course – for yourself

A siddha way to handle stress, anxiety, depression, anger and panic attacks. The system of manokalpa is based on ancient and modern knowledge which ispurely based on varma and energy, without any drug usage.

Download – Access knowledge faster

1 day course – for yourself

This specially-designed course allows students from all walks of life to use their brain more effectively and efficiently. Allows students to learn and understand more information, concepts and ideas faster and easier than ever.

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Class Formats


Direct classes only

Siddha Varma is a subject that requires direct practical experience and energy activation.  This makes in necessary that our training are done in-person.  There are no on-line courses offered right now


Available for children too

Our courses also includes modules for children (visit ‘Download’ under courses).

Intensive practical training

We take our students through intensive practical training which enables them to apply the skills with ease.

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