Agni Yoga

normalize body heat, immunity, stamina, weight management & stress reduction

The Siddha Yogic practice, Agni, yoga can also be used for self-healing and healing others. It helps manage paralysis caused by strokes, muscle-related issues, chronic muscle spasms, and arthritis. It’s also proven to help in nerve-related issues like neck pain and migraines, better blood flow and improve breathing

Duration - 15 hours

Just 15 hrs of training and once in a week follow up practice at your home will prepare you to face the changing world for the rest of life!

Next batch : 8th-19th April 2020 in Switzerland

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Course Overview

Why Agni Yoga?

manage body’s thermodynamics


Maintaining body temperature is an essential factor for maintaining health, youthfulness, and longevity. Agni Yoga introduces simple & effective method to achieve this. Avoid the impact of environmental changes like global warming. Avoid imbalance caused by lifestyle changes. Balance body heat even in extreme cold or hot conditions. Improve stamina and immune system. Heal paralysis, migraine & chronic muscular spasms.

Body’s reaction to temperature

It’s much more than what symptoms say

When heat affects, people may

  • Become highly irritated, lose concentration & capacity to undertake mental tasks.
  • Lose the ability to perform difficult or skilled tasks.

When heat affects, people may

  • Weaken immune system.
  • Breathing cold air causes lung spasm & asthma.
  • Low Libido

Intensive Practical Training

Guided by experts

Agni Yoga training includes simple yogic practices and energy activation.Experience- based practical training enables students to assimilate the concept well and our continuous support after the course enables students to stay connected. Agni Yoga training involves:

  • Activation of energy points
  • Surya Namaskar Yoga & Pranayama
  • Meditaiton

Agni Yoga not only helps in managing body temperature but also helps in managing paralysis caused by strokes, muscle-related issues, chronic muscle spasms, and arthritis. It’s also proven to help in nerve-related issues like neck pain and migraine.

The energy from this also help protect from Sun  UV burn natural way without any anti UV lotions.The energy can be made to water and sprayed to body and give you protection for 8 hours.

It also help to manage hunger, you can prevent hunger and yet have full energy. There way where you can channel this energy and make body strong and don’t feel hunger for at least12- 24 hour

All This can be demonstrated and Evident Based.





Course Objectives & Outcomes

Agni Yoga Program enables you to control of body heal normalization. This is key to address various issues that arise due to climatic changes and impact of busy  lifestyle on body.


Regulate internal body temperature

Training enables you with yogic methods to normalize body temperature, even in extreme hot or cold climate.


Protect skin

It prevents the skin damage due to excess heat or cold conditions


Reduce Stress

Reduces stress and minimizes the psychological impact on body and mind.


Protect from harmful radiations

It reduces the impact of harmful electromagnetic and phone radiations.


Prevent negative impact on internal organs

It ensures that the internal organs of the body are not negatively affected when body flips from kappa to pitta nature or vice versa, thereby preventing damage in the thyroid gland, pancreas, liver and lungs.


Manage hunger and weight

The activation of energy also enables an individual to prevent hunger and prevent fatigue while burning calories. This explains why Siddha Saints were able to meditate for long hours without food.


Improved stamina & immunity

Offers more stamina and immunity through better management of internal temperature.


Course Curriculum

Surya Namaskar Yoga



Energy Activation

The Training Method

Each training will be conducted 15 hours, focusing on concepts and practical training. 

Not a certificate course- this is a learning workshop

As this is a learning workshop, no certificate is provided.

More about Agni Yoga & its effect on the body

How does Agni yoga program assist the body in managing cold and heat?

Agni yoga happens to be an ancient siddha system which assisted a yogi/siddhar who was wandering on a mountain in a jungle without putting on appropriate clothing that will acclimatize them and maintain their body temperature, to ensure that their meditation, as well as other yogic practices, is not negatively affected. Thru certain yoga practices, breathing, as well as energy activation, they were able to neutralize the changing weather conditions so that they do not have negative impacts on their sadhana (spiritual practice) their health.

Siddha & Ayurveda

In the Siddha and Ayurveda system, body temperature management was common. In the present era, humans became very irregular in their life style. Especially the life style of urban society is becoming very fast and stressful. This circumstance frequently leads people toward irregular and bad habits of Ahara, Vihara with the suppression of natural urges like Kshudha etc and creating problems like Agnimandya, Ajirna. This is the reason for the day by day increase in the incidence of the diseases due to gastrointestinal derangement. The Jatharagni represents all the digestive chemicals and enzymes produces in or poured in the gastrointestinal tract which are responsible for digestion of different components of ingested food. The Jatharagni is considered as the master Agni and is claimed to govern the function of all other Agnis besides its own function. Agnimandya state which is responsible for indigestion and for many diseases was considered the cause of it.

Agni – the fire element

Agni is the digestive and metabolic fire of the body. Siddha and Ayurveda emphasises that all the variousdiseases are the result of weak state of Agni. Improper functioning of Agni leads to various  gastrointestinal disorders as well as various metabolic disturbances. Therefore, main principle of treatment of all diseases as per Ayurveda is to restore and to strengthen the Agni. The aim of this article is to review the important role Agni  plays in managing the health of a healthy individual as well as in interpreting the disease process and planning the line of management of a disease. A closer view leads to a conclusion that vitiated Agni and ama, the unwanted by-products of digestion and metabolism forming and accumulating in body of a patient with weak Agni are the root cause of disease genesis. Thus restoring the same is the key to wellness. 

Heal paralysis, migraines and chronic muscular spasm

The energy generated by the Agni yoga can also be used for healing. It helps manage paralysis caused by strokes,muscle- related issues, chronic muscle spasms, and arthritis. It’s also proven to help in nerve -related issues like neck pain and migraines

It is important to note that this is by no means Wim Hoff system because it is not suitable for hyperventilation breathing or extreme cold practice but it manages both cold and hot conditions, that is, it is suitable for all weather conditions -for people from dessert, winter countries or those working under air conditioners.
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