Autism Varma Therapy

INTRODUCING Energetic nokku varma for autism

Traditional varma therapy for autism based on the book by Sri Pranaji

Duration - 1.5 day

Every level of the course provides your with comprehensive knowledge in Varma and abilities to heal.

Next bach starts in Frankfurt - 30th Sep to 1st October 2019

Please contact us to organize a course in your area.


Course Overview

A Revolutionary Varmam based system

Traditional & energy based methods

This is a practical approach help in recovery of the normal physical and psychological functions of autistic children. It uses advanced methods but is still easy and cost effective. Use of energy in Varmam totally safe.

Revive brain’s efficiency

Also helps psychologically

This practical behavior science will help all psychological aspect of the children much faster then any therapy available currently. Moreover, use of energy offers deeper healing and opportunity to use a complete spectrum of frequencies to trigger a total healing.

Training for parents

Important helping hand

Most of the children with autism face difficulty in replying to requests. They may become aggressive, have tantrums, and injure themselves. Planned parental engagement serves as the early stage that leads to the boost in the capabilities of a child to cope with hurdles.


Course Objectives & Outcomes


Learn full varma method

This is a practical approach help children recover the normal functions of autistic children.


Easy and cost effective

This therapy starts hsowing result in 44 days. It is faster than normal therapies that takes years with or without showing results.

Helps inner working of brain

This practical behavior science will help all psychological aspects of children much faster then any therapy currently available

Training to use Nokku Varma

Nokku Varma is energy based, no-touch varma healing method. It helps in healing children without causing discomfort.


Course Curriculum


  1. Training on Varma energy balance
  2. Therapy for social interaction
  3. Speech therapy
  4. Therapy for Sleep disorder
  5. Therapy for Stress and moody behavior
  6. Therapy for Hyper activity
  7. Prevention of self inflicting injury behavior
  8. Therapy for Lack of focus
  9. Therapy for Motor functions
  10. Therapy for Fear of sound and light

The Training Method

Each training will be conducted over 1.5 days. Students will learn both the theoretical ideology and receive practical training, allowing them to understand how to interact with their clients. The training methods use only the powerful pressure-points and energy-based healing techniques of Siddha Varma.

Certificate of Completion

Once you have completed the training, you will receive an Certificate of Completion from the instructor. You will be required to comply with all local health authority requirements during practice. If you are ready to learn the powerful healing principles of Siddha Varma that will allow you to provide an alternative healing method to your patients, contact us today for information about program registration.

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