The science of healthy mind

This is a treatment workshop for self healing. Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Anger,Panic Attacks cause more disease then virus and bacteria. Manokapla helps you to tackle this problem. Treatment workshop for yourself. Trainer module is currently unavailable

Duration - 5 days (8 hours per day)

The course is done in retreat style. Participants are required to stay

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Workshop Overview

Based on Jeeva Therapy & Yoga

Healing mind from it’s root

The system uses Jeeva therapy, which is the key for success. At the same time, the siddhar Patanjali’s system of yoga forms the basis of the therapy. As Patanjali shows, the mind (or chitta) holds the key to Ultimate Reality. But the mind can serve either as doorway or barrier, a vehicle for spiritual liberation or an instrument of enslavement

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Mind – the key to ultimate reality

Learn about the siddha way

As Patanjali shows, the mind (or chitta) holds the key to Ultimate Reality and can serve as doorway, barrier, a vehicle for spiritual liberation or an instrument of enslavement. There are 5 types of mind discussed in Yoga.


Objectives & Outcomes

What inspired me to design this program was my experience while traveling across the world for almost 16 years. Every time, peopel came to me with same set of problems! “Pranaji, I am very stressed”…. Pranaji, I am depressed… I have bad relationships because I cannot cope up with stress… I have a lot of anger in me… I think I am bipolar”

This was a common theme that I kept hearing, and this was not just from adults but also adults across the spectrum – married, single, elderly, young, and amazingly even 15 year old. I am not sure how much and what we have advanced with, but definitely we have deteriorated emotionally and psychologically.

Sri Pranaji

Founder, Institute of Siddha Varma Kalai &0. Pranashakty International


Mind Detox

Complete detox of all mind conditions.


Prevent re-occurrence of issues

Install a shield to block re-occurances of above mental conditions


Ability to adapt to circumstances

Ability to do instant mental modifications to suit other issues.

Steady and focused mind

Remove & eliminate any mental conditions like dullness, restlessness, lack of concentration and steadiness of thoughts.


Ability to self-correct

Ability to self-correct in case of future change of environment.

The Workshop Method

This 5 days program will include full days retreat style therapy with focus on siddha system based, energy therapy, jeeva therapy , special exercise and meditations. All are activation are based and easy to do practice and very practical in modern life. 

Not a course – this is a treatment workshop

As this is a treatment workshop, no certificate is provided.

The World spends so much for medication related to psychology issue, even in cases drugs should not be used at all!

  • Twenty million schoolchildren worldwide have now been diagnosed with mental disorders and prescribed cocaine-like stimulants and powerful antidepressants as treatment.
  • Psychiatric drug use and abuse is surging worldwide: More than 100 million prescriptions for antidepressants alone were written in 2002 at a cost of $19.5 billion (€15.9 billion).
  • One in seven prescriptions in France includes a psychotropic drug and more than 50 percent of the unemployed—1.8 million—take psychotropic drugs.
  • Meanwhile, driven by DSM-derived mental illness statistics, the international mental health budget has skyrocketed in the last ten years.
  • In the United States, the mental health budget soared from $33 billion (€29.7 billion) in 1994 to more than $80 billion (€72 billion) today.
  • Switzerland’s spending on mental health increased from $73.5 million (€65 million) in 1988 to over $184.8 million (€165 million) over a ten-year period.
  • Germany currently spends more than $2.6 billion (€2.34 billion) a year on “mental health.”
  • In France, mental health costs have soared, contributing $400 million (€361 million) to the country’s deficit.
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