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Can we control future?

Cosmic laws are pre-defined mathematical formula. They provide outcomes according the input that we provide. This knowledge gives us the ability to influence our path going forward. It is true that our present is controlled by our past because it happens according to the input that we had supplied in the past. When it comes to future, we have an opportunity to shift the outcomes. Mathematics has recognized it in the form of Chaos theory. It tries to predict outcomes for system that are very sensitive to initial conditions – classic example is possibility of a butterfly flap causing a storm. 

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Next batch - July 2020, India

2.5 days Master Training Program : This program trains a Master Teacher who will be able to empower others with required energy sifts.
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How can we do it?

While acknowledging the concept, modern science is struggling to accurately predict everything because it is still trying to decode all type of energies that influence the cosmos – like dark matter research. But in the ancient world, Siddhas had already solved this problem. this knowledge creates the basis for Soul Healing program. With small shifts in our energy system, we can make a big change in our future. Just like how a little movement of spotlight can focus on a very different area at a distance. Changes are brought using following 3 Siddha empowerments.

Atma Awareness Empowerment

Path shifting softens karmic suffering

This is a spiritual remedy for planetary effects and karmic cycle that will help you to workaround those influences. The empowerment will assist you in changing yourself to face them better and be least affected by their impact.

Life Regeneration Empowerment

Deep cleansing and healing

This is very powerful and works to cleanse all negative energies that are affecting us, including pitru dosha, emotional cleansing and improving relationships. When the empowerment is given, your mind and body are open for a thorough cleansing. You will begin to see the change immediately.

Rajayogam Activation

A true king from the core

Raja means King and Yogam means a divine benediction of fortune combination. Siddha Masters have revealed this secret for the mankind that with along with all other efforts that you put, these changes in your DNA through an energetic activation will help reverse your misfortune as well help you succeed in your endeavor. 

Proof of the pudding is in the eating

To demonstrate the concept of how energy and life are related, participants will learn the Siddhi (ability) to move pain from one part of the body to another. Soul Healing is not a disease healing program but it is important that you, as a path shifter have the ability and tools to help your client understand the concept. This training to shift a pain by moving energy is a demonstration and proof that everything is energy and that you can do the “shifting” with right knowledge. 

The Siddha Way

Natural, technical & easy

We follow the Siddha way. It is neutral and focuses on absolute spiritual reality which applies the same way for everyone in the world. For us, these are scientific techniques that modern science is yet to discover. We believe that simple is effective and we have learned form experience.

Can karmic effects be changed without enlightenment?

No… But there is a tricky part!

Only enlightened people have the understanding and access to Soul energy that can change karma. At the same time, Siddhas are compassionate and smart enough to develop methods using soul energy to help others. Master’s power can help a student in managing future.

Does this course offer Moksha?

No. This training helps in clearing the path

Moksha/Enlightenment is a different ballgame. Soul healing program, using Atma (Soul) energy, helps in changing main events in life so that your path is smoother – be it normal life or spiritual life. This aims to reduce suffering and improve living conditions.

About spiritual remedies

Mathematical Game of destiny, karma & free will

Planets, as mentioned in astrology are symbols that represent the link between life and cosmos. They defined the link between our Aura, energy system and God’s algorithm. Our Destiny is shaped by our past karmic actions. Remedies are nothing but practical, mystical or psychic antidotes which lessen or nullify the impact of our past negative karma & create more positive karma. This saves our thought patterns and aura from unwanted changes. That, along with measures to improve our aura, sets stage for better life. Please note that this doesn’t prevent a student from doing anything wrong in future. After Master’s energy intervention gives the student ways to work around the karmic effects, it is student’s responsibility to prevent new karmas. More about how to do it will be discussed during the training. 


Objectives & Outcomes

Humans are evolving. Spiritual evolution allows Masters to intervene using soul energy directly. These methods give instant results compared to old procedure oriented remedies that takes long time to take effect. Course objectives are met through following actions


Awakening of Atma - Energy Diksha

Atma Energy Diksha is the key to access the power of soul of remedies.


Understand actions and effects

Understand how voluntary actions create karmas and how to use actions to change karmic effects. 


Clears karmas from lineage

Clears past life lineage karma called pitru dosha


Attracts prosperity

Increases opportunities for prosperity


Improves spiritual progress

Better, deeper spiritual progress 


Life regeneration empowerment

cleanse all negative energies that are affecting us, including pitru dosha, emotional cleansing and improving relationships


The experience

Experience the awakening in the form of energy.


Allow Healing long term karma related diseases

They will be reduced or the effects will be completely gone


Clears all negative

Clears all negative energy both physical and emotional.


Improves relationships

Improves relationships as they are mostly caused by releasing emotional luggage

The person that has this acquired knowledge (Mathi) can, through maximum control of emotions and IQ, determine how to act and react to critical situations or anticipation of changes coming by observing chain of events. Lastly, please remember, Remedies do not change your Destiny, they help you to understand why things are the way they are and assist you in changing and empowering yourself to face them better and be least affected by their impact. No amount of activation can save a lazy person who don’t have visions and passion for his or her dreams. Remedies also help you to transform negative influences into positive and constructive ones.

This program is open for anyone who wants to become a trainer for this program. The teacher training will be 2 days with activation and how to perform the solutions.

The Workshop Method

This is a trainer program. Certified trainer will be able to do the path shifting process for common public under prescribed guidelines. Only Sri Pranaji provides the master training. 


Certificate, signed by Sri Pranaji will be provided to trainers who meet all prescribed criteria.

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