Varma Energy Therapy

Ideal For wellness therapists

This all-natural wellness program offers a new dimension of healing.  Course creates a trainer with the capabilities to heal a variety of ailments through the power of Varma Massage and Energy Therapy. This course enables wellness professionals with alternative, organic method to help their patients without the use of medication or supplements.

Duration - 3 Levels ( each level 2 days depend on the size of class)

Every level of the course provides your with comprehensive knowledge in Varma and abilities to heal.

Next batch -october 2023

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Current batch -Russia and Dubai

Email Carolina Maelzer

Graduated – Darmstart, Germany

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New Bonus Modules

Quantum Energy kayakalpa- Siddhaway

  • All participants will have QEK process done for them by Sri Pranaji Split over 3 level
  • This QEK therapy is worth USD1000
  • This is not a teaching module only a therapy



Course Overview

Specialised Pressure-Point Training

Expan your healing potential

If you are a wellness therapist, massage therapist, energy healer or Ayurveda/Siddha practitioner, then comprehensive training course allows to expand your healing potential for your clients. The one-year course includes extensive practical training on how to use the effective pressure-point principles of the Siddha Varma system for energy-based healing.

100% Energy Based System

Makes it safe & easy

Contrary to common system that applies physical pressure on varma points, use of advanced energy based method (nokku varma) prevents any accidental damage of pressure points. Moreover, use of energy offers deeper healing and opportunity to use a complete sprectrum of frequencies to trigger a total healing. Minimal touch puts patients at ease and more receptive.

Intensive Practical Training

Guided by experts

Along with training and activation for use of energy on varma points (nokku varma), students are taken through intensive practical training to understand the interaction of energy with body, mind and spirit. This enables a trainer to address a problem in holistic way.


Course Objectives & Outcomes


Learn a complete detoxification process

A complete detox by removal of negative energy within the body, allowing for blockages to be removed to promote self-recovery.


Learn the way to accelerate healing

Instantly reduce symptoms of a wide range of ailments to indicate the body’s potential for self-recovery


Complements any ongoing treatment

Works in conjunction with other allopathic therapy to boost body response


Learn Varma Energy Therapy

Balance blood flow throughout the body using Varma and Energy.


Body rejuvenation techniques

Activate the inner-ability of your patients to rejuvenate and revitalize


Quick healing techniques

They’re over 20-30 over quick fix therapy for common problem like headache,toothache, lethargy booster etc which be given thru out the training


Course Curriculum

Level 1

Two-Day Workshop: An Introduction to Siddha Medicine and Varma Therapy

Day One: Introduction to Siddha Medicine and Varma Principles

  • An Introduction to the age-old science of Siddha Medicine
  • Unfolding the concept of Varma, an integral part of Siddha Medicine
  • Exploring the Principles that guide Siddha Medicine
  • Delving into the 108 Varma points and their significance in Siddha Medicine
  • Basics of Varma point therapy: A hands-on approach

Day Two: Varma Energy Therapy and Its Applications

  • Varma Energy Therapy: Part 1
  • Specific application of Varma and Energy therapies for various health conditions including:
    • Cancer
    • Arthritis
    • High Cholesterol
    • Liver Health
    • Basic Mental Health Issues
    • Anemia
    • Immune System Boost
    • Skin Health
    • Stomach Health
  • Introduction to the use of massage oils in Varma Therapy: Their properties and benefits.

Join us for this comprehensive workshop that offers insights into the wisdom of Siddha Medicine and the therapeutic benefits of Varma Therapy. Learn the basic principles, understand the concept of Varma points, and discover how to apply these therapies for various health conditions. Enhance your knowledge, enrich your practice, and empower yourself with these traditional healing arts.

Level 2

Part 1: World’s First Introduction to Varma, Acupressure, and Acupuncture Distance Therapy

  • An innovative journey into the world’s first distance therapy practices that incorporate Varma, Acupressure, and Acupuncture.
  • Continuing exploration of Siddha Medicine principles and theories.
  • Review and consolidation of therapeutic techniques and knowledge acquired from Level I.

Part 2: Specialized Varma and Energy Therapies for Specific Conditions

  • Varma and Energy therapies for bone and spine health, including effective methods for slip disc treatment.
  • Unique techniques for kidney recovery therapy, promoting overall kidney health and function.
  • Lung therapy using Varma and Energy methods for better respiratory health.
  • Comprehensive therapy methods for all heart-related diseases, including therapies for heart blockages and other conditions.

Discover new ways to heal and promote wellness with these specialized Varma and Energy therapies. Learn the world’s first distance therapeutic methods incorporating Varma, Acupressure, and Acupuncture, building on the foundational principles and practices of Siddha Medicine. Empower yourself with these advanced and innovative healing techniques, improving your ability to handle specific health conditions.

Level 3

Siddha Spiritual Healing: Relevance to the Modern World and Specialized Varma & Energy Therapies

Part 1: Siddha Spiritual Healing and Its Contemporary Relevance

– A comprehensive look at Siddha Spiritual Healing, an ancient healing system, and its relevance in the context of modern health challenges.

Part 2: Unveiling World’s First Energy Therapy for Minor Internal Surgery

– Discover the world’s first energy therapy designed for performing minor internal surgery, an innovative method in the field of energy healing.

Part 3: Psychological Treatments Using Energy Therapies

– Therapeutic interventions for psychological conditions such as Panic Attacks, Depression, Anxiety, etc., using the principles of energy therapy.

Part 4: Energy Therapy: A Universal Solution

– An introduction to the concept of Universal Energy Therapy, a single therapeutic process that can be used to address a wide variety of diseases.

Part 5: Angel Energy Therapy & Palm Healing Therapy

– A deep dive into the Angel Energy Therapy and Palm Healing Therapy, understanding their principles, and how to effectively apply these techniques.

Level 3 will cover the major facets of energy therapy as a single comprehensive approach to treat numerous diseases, both old and new. It will provide extensive knowledge on various other therapeutic methods designed to address a wide range of health issues. Equip yourself with these potent healing modalities and expand your healing abilities.


The Training Method

Each training will be conducted over 4-5 days, focusing on six or eight of the medical problems listed above based on their complexity. Students will learn both the theoretical ideology and receive practical training, allowing them to understand how to interact with their patients. The training methods are 100% medication, herbal and supplement-free, using only the powerful pressure-points and energy-based healing techniques of Siddha Varma.

Certificate of Completion

Once you have completed the year-long training, you will receive an official Certificate of Completion from the instructor. You will be required to comply with all local health authority requirements during practice. If you are ready to learn the powerful healing principles of Siddha Varma that will allow you to provide an alternative healing method to your patients, contact us today for information about program registration.

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