The moment we outsource our thinking that the day you become the weakest link in universe..Sri Pranaji


Every situation that we go through, there is always a hidden message, a lesson, some teaching and till you don’t understand that, you will go through similar situations till you learn.

So what is the Lesson not learnt here yet?

We are at the middle of this pandemic, and everyday we hear all the negative news. How fast it is spreading? How many are infected? How many deaths? How many have recovered?

So now, we have come to the conclusion, that as numbers are rising each day, telling us how many are infected, the only solution is lock down. Stay at home and have no contact with others, other than that there is no other way to reduce the spreading of the infection trend or contain it. Remember the word here is *”contain and not eliminate.”* But even after successfully containing, if one person remains affected and is a carrier, it can explode back to full scale due to the nature of a long incubation period.

About a virus
In another note, based on what scientists say, these virusus are “smart”. It means they can hide, start and design a new system of protien and DNA so it becomes harder to kill it and easier for it to spread.

It is true that viruses are continuously changing as a result of genetic selection. They undergo subtle genetic changes through mutation and major genetic changes through recombination. Mutation occurs when an error is incorporated in the viral genome. Recombination occurs when coinfecting viruses exchange genetic information, creating a novel virus.

Now let’s get back to us (humans)

It surely seems the virus is also working overnight to improve the attack mechanism while we go back to our “normal life” and so on.
That means if the virus is working on adjusting itself for the next wave of attack, the only ones relaxing and not really doing anything to safe guard themselves are the humans.
Can you imagine? The tiny virus is capable and is working on its own to modify itself for a whole new next generation of virus.
This is really worth thinking over, specially if we exclude the thought that it (the corona virus) is a man made theory.

Now think … If this is true!! that means every single virus is really smart and working together to become smarter
and self sufficient, but the victim (human) who instead of working on his own defence system, likes to outsource the defence to outer sources like medicine, vaccines and other third party smartness to fight it. This is what we have been doing for a long time and it really seems to be a big failure.
The whole system of relying on outer sources. Don’t you think so? Think about it !!!

Time and again, a new virus comes and we are attacked.
SARS, H1N1, Noro virus, Ebola, Swine flu to name a few. There is illness, there is a scare and a new vaccine as a preventive, and yet again a new virus attacks.
Are we learning the lesson?
Your health is in your hands and yours alone. The Guru , the doctor, the scientist are all there to help, But if you are depending and pretending to be safe because of someone else, then the lesson is not learnt.

The moment humans start to think that their body, their health and their body immune system is in their own hands only then is the lesson learnt.

We need to outsmart the tiny virus, only then you will be the winner.

So this is the time to think about what you are going to do about your health? Now is the time, you are at home, during this lock down give yourself the time, think… What difference you can make in your food habits? Your life style? Even in your belief system?. … Because in reality “No god is helping you.”
Right now we can see, no one is spared, the super religious people are also dying, the worst criminals are also dying, the smart people are also dying and genious ones are also dying.

The virus does not care,what is your belief system ? And unless you don’t discover who you really are, and what power you have in you , you will keep succumbing to a new virus each time.

The only answer to help, is to boost the entire immune system Immunity is your own self defence mechanism in your body to safe guard yourself against any virus, bacteria or ill health.

With the way our lives are going now, our immunity is becoming weaker and weaker, it is very easy to catch anything from the person next to you. ..
so boost your immune system to take care of yourself right in to the future.



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