The global pandemic caused by the COVID-19 has opened up many discussions among doctors, alternative healers and many netzines on the topic of human health. I have been reading and following these discussions and even the conspiracy theories.

One common theme in all these discussions is the fact that the weakness of the human body is the cause of all these madness and fear about the infection, death and so on. Over the last 100 to 150 years we collectively went wrong even in allowing modern medicine (allopathy) to take over health entirely from the alternative healer, traditional medicine, Siddha and ayurvedic systems.

What has been the result of the billions of dollars spent on research both by the government and private sector and all the knowledge gathered and implemented? One thing is for sure, we have only become weaker that surviving a simple virus is now a big problem. Don’t get me wrong. I call it simple simply because all through human existence we have been living with viruses, bacteria, germs and other microorganisms we haven’t even discovered yet. And all the while humans have been able to fight them without all the sophisticated medicine and knowledge. So why can’t we do that now? What has changed? What went wrong?

In my observation, one key change is that we are no longer responsible for our health. We have delegated that to third parties. And that’s where the problem started. Is it that science is a failure? No. Not that. Science isn’t the problem. I believe that science in the hands of the wrong people – greedy, money-oriented people who have a new business model, at the core of which is a “Don’t cure any disease. Just make the person carrying it your ‘customer’” concept. And with the advent of this concept began our deterioration. I believe in science but not some of these men or scientists behind it. Many of them are only concerned about turning in a profit every quarter and ensuring their profit margin graph keeps going higher.

One of my biggest questions has been, “if the virus is such a “genius” that it keeps changing form inside the human body thereby becoming immune to drugs, what happened to the genius of our immune system? Did our immune system suddenly become “stupid”? Could it be that we made them “stupid”?

I’m not saying that people won’t die from diseases or that we have a solution to death. Death is a sure thing. But how did we come to the point where, health-wise, we live in so much fear, we spend so much in health care but are never healthy, and even buy health insurance with the assumption that we are so weak and therefore need coverage?

I don’t have an answer to this question. And even if I attempt it, I may be ridiculed by powerful people and, no matter what happens, we will never win such an argument while people are dying prematurely. It is better we all spend our time finding solutions than explaining or involving ourselves in arguments.

I can say that through my studies in Siddhar medicines and my spiritual knowledge I have a solution to all this. And it is for us to go back to the beginning. By beginning, I mean back to how to make the internal systems of the body strong based on Siddhar Knowledge.

“Udambar azhiyil uyirar azhivar…”– Thirumandiram by Thirumoolar

The quote above means that a healthy body is important and needed to hold a healthy mind without which salvation cannot be attained. To attain spiritual perfection and retain youthfulness one needs to apply preventive techniques to maintaining the health of the body. “Kaaya Karpam” (rejuvenation and longevity) has been practised as a way of preventing illnesses. This practice also helps the body acquire immunity (seyarkai vanmai) and has a dual working nature: It prevents diseases and helps to restore the health of the body when one is sick. In essence, Kaaya Karpam is both preventive and constructive.

Siddhars have identified several practices, yogic postures and energy points (varmam) that are essential to developing and maintaining the health and wellness of body and soul. These are all embodied in the ancient practice kayakalpa or kaya karpam. But a lot of things have changed and the world is in such a state that the ancient practice may not be as efficient as needed because of how we currently live our lives so there is need for the formulation of a new simple approach (or system) which anyone can practice. And that has led to a whole new system known as “ekayakalpa” which is a revolutionary solution to improve and return human health to what it formerly was and free us from this “slavery”. The system allows you take charge of your own health and the simplest form of it is the Siddha immune booster program.

The key aspect of Kayakalpa

  1. Rebuild damaged internal organ, neuro system and over hall physiology function back to peak performance
  2. Detox all toxin including the heavy metals also years of radiations exposure
  3. Immune system build up
  4. Putting self defense mechanism to keep  stay healthy

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