Nokku Varma for Self-Defense

The world most advance self defence (Not martial art) that suitable for all walk of life..including children (below 15 will be activated only the shield )and senior citizen that need protection

Duration - 12 hours

Just 12 hrs of training  and just 10 minute excersice a are protected 24×7 even during sleep.

Next batch : coming soon

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Coming Soon in KL, Malaysia

This power it so fatal and danger that it took me years to find a way how it can be used for positive purpose. After finding the counter point in the body that control effect  negative to society and individual, now i am opening this training to general public for purpose self protection in ever increasing safety issue. This are simple, just 10 minute of meditation per week, will keep this active for rest of life.


Course Objectives & Outcomes

The nokku varma self-defense is practical and can be demonstrated the efficacy by all participants


Simple meditation and exercise

 Training enables you to do meditation and simple exercise that keep energy active for long period..just need 10 minutes a week


Protection 24 x7

It works 24×7 even while you asleep and has activated radar that detects incoming danger as far as 100 meter


Reduce Stress

Reduces stress and minimizes the psychological impact as you can go anywhere without worried about your safety


It is safe

This very safe as it does not involve any  sparings or body contact


Improved stamina & immunity

Offers more stamina and immunity through the regular practice of the meditation and exercise as it gives more prana to your body

Why this is superior self-defense

Most martial arts need year of hard work, and in actual situation it all depends on how fit and how well you mastered the art. It suitable for some but not for everybody

    1. It works 24/7 event when you are sleeping
    2. The simple exercise bot beneficial for self-defense energy as well keep your body healthy

Who should attend

1.Any adult, both male, and female who think personal protection is necessary.

2.Personnel in uniform (law and order)

3.Very suitable for active working people that expose to urban violent scenario

4.For college and school student that subject to bully and racial threat.

5.Women that always subject to sexual abuse or domestic violence will certainly this system will protect them.

6.Golden citizen

What you Learn


1.Active power 

It can drain out the energy of an enemy or attacker to the point of coma or immobilize completely. This can be demonstrated in any situation, and result is almost instant. 

2.Passive power 

It creates an energy radar about 100 meters that whoever intent harmful feelings, will automatically go to fatigue mode the closer he/she, the stronger the effect 

3.Create a hallucination 

With nokku varma power, thru eye, you can create a hallucination to anybody that will go to hallucination as per wish of the user.(For this program we give a pre-programmed hallucination as knowing the danger and misuse capacity of it)


This power is so fatal and danger that it took me years to find a way how it can be used for positive purpose. After finding the counterpoint in the body that controls negative effect  to society and individual, now I am opening this training to general public for purpose self-protection in ever-increasing safety issue. This is simple, just 10 minutes of meditation per week, will keep this active for rest of life. 

 4. Iron Man Shield.

Iron Man Shield..Yes you will have shield like an iron man and can be tested with punch and kick without emotion and with emotion can able prevent any attack.



Course Curriculum

Simple movement


Energy Activation

The Training Method

Each training will be conducted approx 12 hours, focusing on concepts and practical training.There will demo of the nokku varma by all participants.

Not a certificate course- this is a learning workshop

As this is a learning workshop, no certificate is provided.

More about Nokku Varma self-defense

Nokku Varmam is the Highest Level of Knowledge in Siddhar Tradition of Varma Kalai.

Varmam is vital points in the body that act as energy transformers or batteries. They form centers for boosting the vital prana flow through the intricate Nadi system of the body. Nature by its design has protected these vital centers by placing them deep inside the body or by covering them with tissues inaccessible to normal attempts of breach. The presence, location, and action are totally unknown to modern medicine. Today scientific evidence is growing on the presence of submicroscopic energy channels in the body, nadi’s, as described by the Siddhars, yet science is too young to comprehend the intricate Nadi system that governs the non-physical system of energy flow, the foundation of vital pranic forces.  The Siddhars long ago had discovered the presence of 72,000 nadis in the body and has described in detail the action and location of each of them. They have also described the location of 108 varmam or vital points that could heal or harm the human body when properly manipulated, through touch, pressure or striking, by an expert.

Varma Kalai is the Art of Pressure Points used for Harming, Healing and Well Being. The term Marma is Technically incorrect. Varmam or Varmakkalai is the correct terminology. MARMA means secret. VARMAM has a different meaning “VA” means AIR, “RU” means 5, which depicts the 5 boothangal, “AMAM” means joining point.

VA+RU+AMAM=VARMAM, the place where air energy and 5 boothangal joins to give a life force energy.

VARMA KALAI is a Martial Art and Esoteric Healing art coming from Tamil Nadu.  In these categories, the Nokku varmam is rarely seen practiced, as those masters who were able to do this are almost extinct and those who claim actually really not an expert they just use prana which reacts to emotional energy of student (pre-programmed). The true nokku varmam is able to demonstrate in any conditions both as active and passive self-defense.


Over the year of my studies on this varmam which mostly know for autism and founder of combined energy and varmam. I have discovered the use of nook Varma on behavioral changes for autism and already trained many therapists that doing it now.


My further quest on this nokku Varma lead me to secret energy activator in the body which activation and simple mantra and meditation can unleash energy thru eye and aura

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