Week one therapy

This one week therapy, the energy from the image will help fix the neuro system in the brain that cause hang and looping of emotions and deny the experince of “happyness” due to blocking of “oxytocin”. 

This feel good feel happy blocked because of repeating thought that happen in brain. The medical science have different opinin telling this are some damage brain. Well if brain is damaged we cannot think..right.

How you do the therapy

1. Watch the image below for 1 minute and close eye for 5-10 minute

2. Repeat this twice a day or when ever and “no good feeling is noticed”

During this you will feel a bit heavy in  head area and heart and sometime feel like so empty and calm 

Completion of 7 day therapy

We advice you to follow the weekly steps as not competing the weekly process or jumping to following week my have some adverse impact

Once you succesful completed the 7 day, you may go for the second part of the therapy here.


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