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Can we control the future?
Level-1 of the Soul Healing Program

Cosmic laws are a pre-defined mathematical formula. They provide outcomes according the input that we provide. This knowledge gives us the ability to influence our path going forward. It is true that our present is controlled by our past because it happens according to the input that we have provided in the past. When it comes to the future, we have an opportunity to shift the outcomes. Mathematics has recognized it in the form of Chaos theory. It tries to predict outcomes for a system that is very sensitive to initial conditions – a classic example is the possibility of a storm being influenced by the flapping of the wings of a distant butterfly.

All are invited to participate in this activation

This is a free online activation given for the benefit of mankind to handle life as affected by the current pandemic. For information about the full program, click here.



How can we do it?

While acknowledging the concept, modern science is struggling to accurately predict everything because it is still trying to decode all types of energies that influence the cosmos – such as dark matter research. yet somehow in the ancient world, the Siddhas had already solved this problem. Their knowledge creates the basis for the Soul Healing program. With small shifts in our energy systems, we can make a big changes to our future. Just like how slight movements of the spotlight can focus on different areas from a distance. Changes are brought about using the following 3 Siddha empowerments.

This online activation is a partial process of the complete processes offered in the Soul healing program, it will impart only 40% of the total effect of the Soul Healing Program.

The Siddha Way

Natural, technical, & easy!

We follow the Siddha way. It is neutral, and focuses on absolute spiritual reality which applies the same way for everyone in the world. These are ancient scientific techniques that modern science is yet to discover. We believe that simplicity is most effective and we have learned from our experiences.

Can karmic effects be changed without enlightenment?

No, But there is an alternate solution!

Traditionally, only enlightened people have the understanding and access to the ‘Soul Energy’ that can change karma. However, Siddhas were compassionate and smart enough to develop methods using this soul energy to help others. A true Siddha’s power can help any student to manage his/her future.

About spiritual remedies

Mathematical Game of destiny, karma, & free will!

Planets, as mentioned in astrology, are symbols that represent the link between life and the cosmos. They defined the link between our Auras, Energy systems and God’s algorithm. Our Destiny is shaped by our past karmic actions. Remedies are nothing but practical, mystical or psychic antidotes which lessen or nullify the impact of our past – specifically negative – karma & to create more positive karma. This saves our thought patterns and aura from unwanted changes. This, along with measures to improve our aura, sets the stage for a better life.



This activation will have following outcomes:

  • To cleanse the aura and install a positive aura for the law of attraction to work well.
  • To open a chanel that will bring all new ideas and vision, & a new flow of wealth and prosperity.
  • The more effort and hardwork you put in, the results and help from the divine will become more visible and evident.

The person that has this acquired knowledge (Mathi) can, through maximum control of emotions and IQ, determine how to act and react in critical situations or in anticipation of changes coming by observing the chain of events. Lastly, please remember, Remedies do not change your Destiny, they can only help you to understand why things are the way they are and assist you in changing and empowering yourself to face them better and be least affected by their impact. No amount of activation can save a lazy person who doesn’t have any vision for their future, or passion for their dreams. Remedies can also help you to transform negative influences into positive and constructive ones.


To Participate:

The Activation is a Two Part Process

  1. The first activation will cleanse and activate the aura in preparation for the channel opening in the second part. This has to be done every day for one week.
  2. The second part will open up the flow of wealth and prosperity energy. This is one aspect of the complete process given in Soul healing.

To participate in the activitaion process;

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