Week One Process

This first week activation is to create the aura of the prosperity and also to clear all negative energies from your system. Prepare for the successful activation after completion week long cleansing process.

How to receive?

Watch the following image for around 1 minute and close eyes for 5-10 minutes.

  • During this process, you may feel a bit heavy in head area and aura
  • May feel some itchiness in skin (for those with heavy blockage in aura)
  • Sometimes you may feel like so empty and calm.

All these sensations are normal and will go away as you practice.

Next Step

After week one

Once you successfully complete the week one (7 days) process give above, you may go for the second part of the activation.

We advice you to follow the next week’s step only after completing week one process. Not competing the weekly process or jumping to following week my have some adverse impact.

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